Progress 8 Information


Progress 8 Information

From 2016 all students and schools will be measured on how much progress students make from when they start in Year 7 to when they complete their GCSE exams at the end of Year 11.

This will be known as Progress 8.

The Progress 8 measure is designed to encourage all students to study a broad and balanced curriculum. The new measure will be based on students’ progress measured across eight subjects.

Figures released by the Department for Education have placed Dene Community School as the NUMBER 1 ranking school in County Durham for OVERALL PROGRESS 8 performance and for MATHS PROGRESS 8 performance.

Our Progress 8 scores show that our students make significant progress whilst studying at Dene Community School.

This is a huge achievement for the school and something all staff, students, parents, carers, governors and the local community should be very proud of. It confirms that Dene Community School provides an outstanding educational experience, thanks to the dedication of our school staff and the commitment to learning shown by our students.

Progress 8 Measure Actual Progress 8 Score
Overall Progress 8 Score +0.35
English +0.19
Maths +0.32
EBACC Element +0.16
Open Element +0.66
Disadvantaged Students +0.25
Low Prior Attainment +0.26
Middle Prior Attainment +0.51
High Prior Attainment +0.10

You can read more about these new measures and learn how they are calculated here.