Key Stage 3 Assessment


Key Stage 3 Assessment

KS3 Assessment Recording and Reporting

All students in Key Stage 3 sit a baseline assessment in September for each subject. The skills and knowledge they have shown will be highlighted on their progress descriptors in their books or files (see individual subject descriptors below). It is an expectation that students make a minimum of one step of progress each year.

Students then sit subject assessments in December and their descriptors are updated to display the new knowledge they have shown. Following this assessment you will receive a report showing your child’s current step, target step, effort grade and a progress grade. The progress grade is used as it is not expected that students will make a full step of progress mid-year, however using the progress grade you will still have a clear understanding of your child’s progression in each subject. The descriptors for the progress grades and the effort grades are below.

Effort Descriptors

A Attitude to learning and effort in class are always at or above expectation.
B Attitude to learning and effort in class are often at the expected level.
C Attitude to learning and effort in class are sometimes at the expected level.
D Attitude to learning and effort in class are rarely at the expected level.

Progress Descriptors

A Progress is beyond expectation.
B Is making good progress.
C Some progress has been made with further improvements required.
D Progress is below expectation.

Students will then repeat this assessment process in March and June. The reports you will receive will be structured in the same way, however the report you will receive at parents evening will have an additional strength and development comment from each of your child’s teachers.

It is expected that the descriptors will change slightly each year as departments adapt their curriculum however you will be informed of any changes as and when they occur.

The downloadable documents uses the Adobe PDF format, you will need software such as Acrobat Reader on your computer to read them.

If you haven't got any appropriate software on your computer you can download it for free here.

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