School Uniform


School Uniform

All students at Dene Community School must wear school uniform.

All Year Groups

Black Blazer

School Tie

Blue Shirt

Black Jumper

Black Trouser / Knee length Black Skirt

Black Dress Shoes


Must be smart black trousers. NO leggings, corduroys, canvasses, jeans or skin tight trousers.


Must be plain ALL BLACK, leather school shoes. No coloured logos, trim, soles. No coloured laces. No trainers or canvas shoes of any description

The school Uniform Policy has been in effect since September 2010. The policy states that shirts should be worn with top button fastened and ties should be tied correctly.

Hair at all times hair must be clean, tidy and natural in appearance and colour for example not purple or bright colours. Extremes of style are not acceptable and will result in the student being asked to change it. Students may wear a plain, dark-coloured undecorated hair-band only.

Pupils are discouraged from wearing any item of jewellery to school, for health and safety reasons. However they are allowed to wear if they wish a watch and one pair of plain gold or silver studs only (one stud per ear). All other piercings are unacceptable. Chains, bracelets and all other items are not allowed.

Parents are reminded to have ear-piercing carried out at the start of the summer holidays so that the holes will be healed by the start of term in September.

Pupils are required to remove watches and ear-rings for PE and Technology lessons.

School uniforms can be purchased from our local supplier Little Gems in Peterlee, their contact details are as follows:

Little Gems
11 The Chare
Town Centre

Tel: 0191 518 1822