School Rewards


School Rewards

The reward system at Dene Community School is one which aims to instil challenge and drive in all students; giving them a clear idea on how their achievements and success can be turned into rewards. Here, at Dene, we take great pride in rewarding all of our students for their contributions – no matter how small. Praising and rewarding students has a positive effect and we want all of our students to have a drive to achieve during their time at Dene.

Praise Points

We run a Praise Point system in school where students are rewarded for their contributions and effort in the classroom. Each sticker that is awarded to a student can be logged on and is worth 50 points. The points that the students achieve are tracked on contribute toward the House Points total for their house; Raby, Durham, Barnard or Lumley. Students can save up the points that they achieve over the year and exchange them for prizes available on the MyStickers website. Prizes include: Asda Gift Vouchers, Love2Shop Vouchers, School Trip Vouchers, Strawberry Cycles Vouchers and other rewards that are added from time to time.

Attendance Awards

Attending school is vital to achieving academically and ensuring that good progress is made over the academic year. For this reason we believe that rewarding students with ‘good’ attendance will inspire all students to attend school. Each week, students who achieve a 100% attendance receive a 100% Attendance sticker that can be logged on and build up their points. Also, those students who maintain attendance about 95% throughout the year will receive a Good Attendance sticker.

Each term, those students who stand out as having ‘outstanding’ attendance will receive a Post Card home to celebrate their achievements. The post cards that students receive can also be logged on the MyStickers website in exchange for points.

Reward Assemblies

At the end of each term, in school, we hold an assembly to celebrate the academic, sporting and social achievements of our pupils. The reward assemblies are held by the House Champions and celebrate the ‘achievement’ and ‘effort’ of our students in every subject. The reward assemblies also offer the chance for students to be rewarded for their achievement and involvement in inter-house competitions. Celebrating the success of our students is a number one priority for us, here, at Dene.

Reward Trips and Events

As well as offering our students rewards in school we look at ways that our students can be rewarded outside the classroom. There are many trips over the academic year that students have the opportunity to go on due to their fantastic behaviour and attendance. We ensure that all students have the opportunity to attend rewards events and for this reason we hold some rewards events in school. Reward Trips and Events have included: Bowling, Movie Afternoon, Pizza Lunch, Theme Park Trips, Visit to Beamish, Camping, Skiing and many others in Departments.

Our main aim, at Dene, is to ensure that regardless of ability, all students are rewarded for the achievements that they have during their time at school.