Exam Results 2016


Exam Results 2016

Additional information and performance statistics regarding our school can be found at the Department for Education website here.

Our 2016 Year 11 students and their teachers are to be celebrated after achieving a fantastic set of GCSE results.

65% of students achieved A*- C in both English and Maths with 78% of students achieving A*-C English and 74% of students achieving A*- C in Maths.

Two of our students who excelled achieving all A and A* grades were Leah Lauderdale and Kyle Edwards.

This set of outstanding results is even more impressive when reflected in the measures of progress from Key Stage 2. 86% of students made 3 levels of progress in English (National average 70%) and 43% making 4 levels of progress (deemed by the government to be 'exceptional' progress).

Excellent results were achieved across the curriculum. Specific mentions to Art, English Literature, ICT and PE for achieving progress and outcomes far exceeding national expectations.

The results day saw the school say goodbye to the 2016 Year 11, we are positive that the school will use these fantastic outcomes to inspire the future generations of students in Dene Community School

Results 2016 National Outcome 2015
A - C English and Maths 65% 58%
5A* - C including English and Maths 63% 58%
A* - C English Language 74% 69%
A* - C Maths 70% 68%
Expected progress in English 86% 69%
Expected progress in Maths 72% 69%
More than expected progress in English 43% 30%
More than expected progress in Maths 29% 32%
The English Baccalaureate 13% 16%