Careers Education, Information Advice and Guidance

Dene Community School aims to provide ALL students with a comprehensive CEIAG programme.
Careers Education gives students the skills, knowledge and understanding to manage their own lifelong learning and career development.

Through careers education, information, advice and guidance, students will be able to feel positive about themselves, improve their motivation, raise their aspirations and take responsibility for their career plans.
In particular they will focus on:

  • Understanding themselves and external influences on their behaviour (Self Development)
  • Investigating opportunities in learning and work (Career Exploration)
  • Making and adjusting plans to manage change and transition (Careers Management)

They will be given many opportunities in PSHE lessons, their curriculum subjects, during Tutor Time and in specific careers related activities to develop the skills they will need to make the right choices for their future. Their careers education lessons are delivered as part of their PSHE programme taught by their Tutors.

They will be offered impartial advice and guidance through services provided by private companies for example CareerWave, along with the Improving Progression Team from Durham County Council Education Department, One Point Services and other industry links.

They also have the use of the Careers Resources Library, which contains literature, prospectuses, careers computer programmes, information and web links.

Much of the library resources information is available to loan or keep.

For further information about CEIAG please download the document below.

PDF Icon CEIAG Overview