Art & Photography


Art & Photography

The Art and Photography Department are only as strong as the team that makes it; and we are super strong! Supporting, inspiring and challenging we strive to enable all students to fulfil their creative potential by facilitating practical, imaginative and expressive skills using a wide range of media, tools and techniques.

We aim to stimulate students intellect and artistic curiosity, seamlessly linking contemporary and historical contextual studies.

The students are valued, praised and celebrated, both within the school community, and outside in the wider community. The Department strives to emphasise that art is a process where success and failure are discussed in equal measure thus helping students to develop life long qualities of resilience, mutual respect and self esteem.

Details of Key Stage 3

At KS3 students receive three lessons per fortnight. The Department has an engaging and fast paced curriculum that is built around four main assessment areas, loosely linked to the GCSE marking criteria; Making, Developing ideas, Evaluation and Knowledge.

Each year group follow a series of topics where the staff member interprets the course playing to his /her strengths, the groups they teach, teaching base, resources etc.

This practice encourages a creative and original approach by teaching staff and results in the production of diverse outcomes, which are enjoyed and shared by the Department.

We cover the formal elements, colour theory, illustration, portraiture, surrealism, manga, natural forms and contemporary art, producing outcomes in a variety of media including clay, photography and textiles.

Details of Key Stage 4 GCSE Art

GCSE Art is a broad course exploring practical and contextual work through a range of 2D and 3D processes, new media and technology.

Year 10 is a very skills based, teacher led year, made up of two projects, allowing students to become familiar with the GCSE assessment objectives and marking scheme. More importantly, they learn how to successfully develop a piece of work from an initial idea to a final outcome.

Year 11 consists of a mock exam and then the Externally Set Task. Both of these projects are self motivated from individual starting points, allowing students of all abilities to reach their full potential.

The GCSE has two separate components; 60% coursework and 40% Externally Set Task.

Details of KS4 Photography

A course still in its infancy, but that has already proven to be successful. We mix the digital era with traditional methods to produce outstanding results.

Photography GCSE mirrors the Art and Design course in its structure; Year 10 is skills based, Year 11 consists again of a mock exam and Externally Set Task—two separate course components; 60% coursework and 40% EST.

We ensure that the students have several opportunities for off site learning within the course; most recently we have been to Beamish, where the students dressed as Victorians for the day, Crimdon beach, to look at landscapes, visited Cleveland College of Art and Design to use their darkroom facilities and further afield to London to view Art and Photography first hand. This impact on the students from this type of learning can never be underestimated and will continue to be an integral part of the Photography GCSE.

You can view some of the excellent work created by our very talented students and keep up to do with the latest news and events from our department by liking our departmental Facebook Page.